san antonio city council district 7

Michele Dalbis-Robledo

In 1986, I visited San Antonio. I fell in love with the culture, the people, and the spirit of this city immediately. Eight months later, I started the New Year in my new home. Of those last 30 years, 28 of them were spent in District 7, which is where I chose to purchase our first home and raise our children.

Twenty-five years ago, I discovered a zoning issue close to my home. When I contacted my local leadership, I was urged to get involved, and so I did. My father had always told me that you are either part of the problem or you are part of the cure. I strive to always be part of the cure. I have served as president of two neighborhood associations and on committees and boards all while continuing to work and raise my two children.

I have learned that while each segment of the district is faced with different challenges, we all strive for the same thing. We want safe neighborhoods, clean streets, visually and uncluttered thoroughfares, and inclusive, and thoughtful dialog with our leadership.

san antonio city council district 7

“I will bring strength, energy, dedication and commitment to safety and quality of life in Our Community. “

As a dedicated public servant, wife, and mother, I am prepared to represent San Antonio City Council District 7. I have over 38 years of combined public and private sector experience of employment in marketing, financial, education, and nonprofit industries.


Election Day

san antonio city council district 7

Our District

The three things I view as most important to our district are our commitment to developing our community, maintaining that community, and engaging its residents towards common solutions.

Infrastructure: There is no doubt we have infrastructure issues all across District 7. This includes drainage, crumbling water and sewer lines, streets, and sidewalks. I will work together with the neighborhoods and TCI (Transportation and Capital
Improvements), as a team, to come together to prioritize the needs and capabilities of each to fully utilize the concerted efforts of the various city services and to maximize impact while working to minimize cost.

Industry:  District 7 currently has very little industrial presence. Large companies featuring career paths and upward mobility for our citizens are largely absent.  I witness the mass exodus out of our district every morning. Having strong companies
within our district will work to maintain our property values as well as provide an alternative to a long commute.

Inclusion:  While we are geographically divided, we have common goals and the voice of the community must be heard. Thoughtful consideration must be given to our collective needs and together we need to find solutions. I will assemble a committee
of individuals representing all parts of the community who can help District 7 be a place of pride and accomplishment.

My goal is to make all of us part of the cure because together and with constructive leadership, we can accomplish anything. I am very aware the City of San Antonio is working hard to do this every day, but I hear from across our community they feel unheard and unheeded.

san antonio city council district 7

In The Community

For our campaign to be successful, it will require a strong and well-organized grassroots
effort to get our message out to the people. It will also take a commitment from people like you who share common values and belief.

Public Experience

  • Certified Toastmaster (CTM) designation with Toastmasters International
  • The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Ambassador
  • Served on Educational and Small Business Development Committee with New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce
  • Served on Neighborhood Planning Committee to establish zoning priorities
  • Prior Board Member and President Braun Station West – 3 years
  • Served 2017 Bond Committee
  • President Braun Station East Community Improvement Association – 6 years
  • Recipient of the Award Excellence in Neighborhood Leadership 2014
  • Former City Council Aide

Private Sector Experience

  • Designed and presented educational and informational seminars
  • Mentored business owners, vendors, and sales personnel
  • Expanded markets and cultivated client base
  • Supported strategic marketing initiatives
  • Monitored sales projections and progress
  • Developed proactive business relationships
  • Provided specific financial funds, products, sales, and service

How You Can Help

Please help me bring better government to the people of San Antonio City Council District 7. The future of our children, families, veterans and seniors depends heavily on your support. We need someone who is willing to show up, stand up and fight for our district.

Sign up to have our team post a yard sign at your house or business.

Join a block walking team and meet your community

Bring your vehicle to a car caravan team

Make calls for the campaign.

Host a fundraiser at your home or business.

san antonio city council district 7

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san antonio city council district 7

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